Massage Therapy

After years of trying to find 'the perfect massage' I understand how important it is to find a therapist who listens, hears and understands your needs. 

Reasons for booking a massage vary yet ultimately the recurrent theme is stress relief both physical and mental.

Predominantly my massage practice has been sports related due to the environments I spend much time in being running, swimming and occasionally I'll dust of the bike and head out riding. Massage plays a huge role in muscle recovery for those athletically inclined and should be incorporated into any intensive sports training program alongside rest days to assist recovery and keeping the body moving optimally. 

From high loads of physical activity it is common for muscles to become excessively tight. When this happens the muscles pull on your joints and can cause postural alignment changes and this affects how you move. Massage helps by releasing tension in over worked muscles allowing them to become more supple and less stressed and joints less strained. Pain reduction enhances mental and physical performance so you will notice a difference both physically and in your day to day life.

Massage and stress relief. We have high expectations of ourselves, our work life can be demanding, managing a social life and time with family and time for just you can feel overwhelming. Massage is constantly being proven by my clients to help with hitting the reset button. Stepping back into the mindset of 'I need to take care of me first'. We have a responsibility to look after ourselves our body absolutely requires us to do so. With a stressed headspace and a maxed out body we are not living our day to day at its best. 

I encourage you to find a pocket of time to prevent or manage stress by scheduling a massage.

In short, ailments massage can help with yet are not limited to: Muscle tension, soft tissue injuries, joint pain, joint mobility and flexibility, back pain (also read through my page on Clinical Pilates), headaches, anxiety and stress, depression, circulation, chronic pain, constipation (yes that back ache or hard feeling in the abdomen), high blood pressure.

I recommend starting by booking a 60 minute initial appointment with me and from there we can work out what your needs are going forward.