Fascia Release Workshop

This workshop addresses sports related muscle tension and joint mobility.

Muscle attaches to bone and so where there is muscle tension there is often compromised range of movement and muscle activation. This then inhibits speed and/or endurance activity where optimal mobility, stability and strength is required.


Fascia encapsulates everything inside the body; muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, organs. It runs as a continuum through the entire body and when one area of fascia holds tension it has the potential to affect other areas of the body.


In this workshop you will learn a series of full body stretches and how to effectively use mini equipment (foam roller and spikey ball) to release superficial muscle tension and deep fascia. It's like giving yourself a massage!


Feedback from previous participants

"You are very easy to follow with your instructions. I thought it was great. I learnt a lot of new movements and I'd definitely recommend this workshop to others."


"Great vibe, great workshop and introduction. Very informative. Relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable, thanks!" 

11th March 2020 - Blackheath

30th November 2019 - Blackheath

8th November 2019 - Leura

3rd November 2019 - Berowra Bush Runners, private booking

3rd November 2019 - Rushcutters Bay

1st September 2019 - The Run Squad, private booking

16th August 2019 - Leura

5th July 2019 - Leura

This workshop can be booked privately for your group.

This workshop can also be held as a one-to-one appointment or as a refresher course.

For rates click here.

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Fill Your Cup Day Retreat

The essence of Filling Your Cup is to solely nurture yourself.
To take care of others you must first take care of you. Much like if you are out to sea you fix your life jacket before you help anyone else. Set in a beautiful location here in the Blue Mountains this day retreat will give you uninterrupted warmth and nurture to Fill Your Cup.  

Feedback from previous participants

"I loved this retreat! It was incredible, I feel so free and whole and connected. Thank you."


"I found this a very lovely and nurturing retreat. The different workshops provided a variety of approaches to developing a deeper level of self care practice. The atmosphere and location supported this very well. It felt like a timely investment in my health and wellbeing and I would recommend this to anyone who needs to press pause and recharge. Thank you Sumi for making this beautiful day come together." 

26th September 2020 

Welcome Japanese Tea Ceremony + Stretch Session + Meditation.

20th October 2019

Ki Yoga, Healthy Home + Essential Oils, Mindset + Resilience, Mind-Brain-Gut Connection, Psychology + The Subconscious Mind,

Mindfulness with Vision Board Creating, Pilates + Meditation .

10th August 2019

Ki Yoga, Nutrition + Essential Oils, Pilates, Psychology + Self Compassion, Mindfulness with Flower Arranging, Hatha Yoga.

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*Practitioners and workshops change each time this retreat is held.

*Practitioner participation enquiries are welcome.

Project You

This workshop is about Empowerment!

Taking time to actively reflect on your life experiences, your defining moments, your strengths that have carried you to where you are now and your future dreams can be one of the most liberating tasks you set yourself.

Sometimes we are so ready for a new chapter to begin only to reach a roadblock. We want to move past it yet there is something holding us back. This workshop is about harnessing our limiting beliefs and projecting yourself into that next chapter.

Places limited to 4 participants.

Feedback from previous participants

"I loved that Sumi created a safe and nurturing space in which I felt at ease to be open and authentic. I likes that everyone had a chance to share their thoughts. It was nice hearing the answers that the others gave and feeling like we all we in 'it' together. 'It'. being both life itself with all the ups and downs, but also in terms of showing up on the day to be real with each other."

"I learnt so much about myself in this workshop. That I'm actually travelling pretty well in life, but that there is room for improvement with relationship to self care, and perhaps even redefining what that actually means to me."

"Project You creates a beautiful time and space to really give thought to what it is you want with relationship to your intentions and goals both internal and external. It is also a great opportunity to reflect upon how you look after yourself. I think these often tend to be

thoughts that flow through and don't result in action. For me, Project You was helpful with regard to bringing all these 'shoulds' into fruition."

7th August 2020

17th June 2020

27th October 2019

Corporate Events and Retreats

Bend + Stretch sessions throughout your event/conference to revitalise delegates in-between presentations.

Clinical Pilates classes to begin and end each day to encourage movement and wellbeing over long days of sitting attentively. 

On road Massage Therapy and Bend + Stretch sessions for sports groups.

Massage Therapy for your retreat participants.

October 2020 - Vanam Retreat, Mt Victoria.

August 2020 - Vanam Retreat, Mt Victoria.

May 2020 - Firg Annual Conference, Brisbane Queensland. (Postponned due to Covid-19)

August 2020 - Vanam Retreat, Mt Victoria.

May 2019 - Firg Annual Conference, Hobart Tasmania.

March 2014 - The Variety Cycle, Sydney to Uluru 26 Days.

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Pilates + Yoga What's The Difference

This workshop takes you through the foundations of Pilates and introduces you to the format of Clinical Pilates integrated with a Yoga session which then highlights the differences between these two wonderful exercise therapies. The main concept of Pilates/Clinical Pilates is to focus on deep abdominal strength (core strength) in order to then efficiently create stability throughout the joints in the body which then allows for optimal muscle activation. There is a very literal mind-body connection when working from the core in Pilates/Clinical Pilates. Yoga focuses more on stretch, flexibility, mobility, while working from a strong core and the mind-body connection is of a more meditative nature. Often deep abdominal strength and joint stability is assumed in Yoga rather than taught and so this workshop will teach you the benefits of understanding your core to enhance your Yoga practice. 

This workshop is scheduled for 2020.